More Realistic Blade ways

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More Realistic Blade ways

Postby Daxon » Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:45 am

Hi guys, thinking ideas about how make a perfect game system, i was thinking about the wonderful blade (when not[:D]?) and, after saw the lovely wall block mod, I analized another way for make a realer game system (i think that have a easy way of do) including, something like that:

-1 The resistance of the hero affect too in the movement (like in diablo II) Walk = Recharge Resistance, Run = Progressive weariness, Avoid & Jump = Spend Piece of Resistance.

-2 Power Potion: Play running carrying 4 weapons of some kg is irreal, like jump constantly, the only thing that would allow the irreal original way of combat/movement is the Power Potion.

-3 Seal: Make a bonus damagen with the weapon, using Seal movement? or for example, using seal, trowing a weapon, i think that being hitted by a weapon when i am distract is much more dangerous [xx(] [|)].

-4 Block: Make block spend Resistance, stronger hit, more resistance spends.

Well that was all the ideas i though at the moment, i think some are easier for comprobe than other ones.

P.D: What about a axes trhower ? XDDDD

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