mmp_dump to tga

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mmp_dump to tga

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I was just playing with mmp_dump ( http://blade-of-darkness.bigtruck-canad ... ) and corrected it so can be compiled with gcc and tried to understand how it actually works because wanted to make it work with .tga files that support transparency

there is switch/case which is self explaining but I found few questions to ask

- what is type=5? (it occurs in game, e.g. $BOD/Data/marcadorataque.mmp and other scorer pictures)
- how actually is realised transparency? in sgi-workstation there can be saved mask that is applyed in .mmp but how it exactly works?
- what does that byte shifting in paletted image? ( truecolour[3*k] = palette[data[k]*3] << 2; )

--- cut mmp_dump.cpp ---

Code: Select all

switch (type) {
    case 1:
            unsigned char *palette = data + width*height;//data_len - 768+3;
            unsigned char *truecolour = (unsigned char *) malloc(width*height*3);
            for (int j=0; j<height; ++j)
                for (int k=j*width; k<(j+1)*width; ++k) {
                    truecolour[3*k] = palette[data[k]*3] << 2;
                    truecolour[3*k+1] = palette[data[k]*3+1] << 2;
                    truecolour[3*k+2] = palette[data[k]*3+2] << 2;
            bmp.SaveBMP(name, truecolour, width, height);
    case 2:
    case 4:
            printf("true colour)\n");
        printf("Sorry, I don't know the type %d of texture %s\n", type, name);
--- EOF cut mmp_dump.cpp ---
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