Super Jumps!! Flying!!

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Super Jumps!! Flying!!

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In the folder Blade of Darkness\Scripts\Biped\ under the "Escalar + saltos" heading change the following line from Bladex.AddBipedAction("Knight","LongJumpNo","Kgt_jmp_no",0.06,0.93,0) to Bladex.AddBipedAction("Knight","LongJumpNo","Kgt_jmp_no",0.06,0.01,0). In game sheath sword, run, jump, and then keep hitting the jump button.
Also, in Blade of Darkness\Scripts\ under the "Knight" heading edit the values for kgt.MaxFall=5000, kgt.DieFall=14000, to something greater, ie kgt.MaxFall=50000, kgt.DieFall=140000.
And, in Blade of Darkness\Lib\ under the "Caballero set" heading under "###movimientos###" the following line may be edited to affect vertical or horizontal angle of jump, Bladex.SetAnimationFactor("Kgt_jmp_no",1.6) to Bladex.SetAnimationFactor("Kgt_jmp_no",0.8) for a more horizontal angle.
The MODs and MAPs for Blade are awsome. Thanks. A Huge Fan!

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