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3D Modeller - question

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:46 am
by Thordrek
Good morning! :)

I´m new in the forum. I´m an Spanish 3D Operator and a big fan of Blade.
I bought the big box of Blade the first day they start to sell it in the shops, and I didn´t stop to play until now.
I wanted to ask you, if you know how I can find the original characters of Blade to get them as a base to create new characters. I saw a thread about it before, but all the links are dead.

I have many skills in 3D and more than 7 years of experience, but the only problem is that my main tool is Maya, not 3D Max, and that I always worked making advertisings, shortfilms and 3D effects for integration in real video, but not videogames, so I want to get these 3D models to can check how everything was done.
If it´s in 3D Max format there is no problem, I can transform it to maya. I think everything about Blade is so focus in 3D Max, but I can try to adapt it to Maya.

I would want to collaborate in any mod too if you need it, making new 3D models, textures... in general everything that don´t be programmation code.
So happy to find this community about Blade!

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:06 pm
by Sryml
Hi Thordrek! Welcome to the forum. :D

Before I uploaded some Harrison's original model to the cloud storage.
Link: ... 1%E5%9E%8B

Source link:
However, some of the links in the source link has expired.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:59 am
by Thordrek
Thank you so much Sryml!!!!
This forum is the heaven for a Blade fan!! With all these fails I can create a lot of new characters. It´s amazing!
Now I have the models of the four characters and all the enemies.
To create new models will be so easy, the problem will be to create the skeletons. I work doing rigging in maya, but I do it for films, and it is totally different than for videogames, in the videogames you have to know very good how to do the bones for the engine. I already download all the tutorials about it, I hope I can have some results soon!

Thank you so much again! :) :)

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:10 am
by prospero
Welcome Thordrek. :D

You sound like a useful guy. 8)

A French member (TPTPT - who seems to have vanished) did a lot of work on character models. He made a script for 3DMAX that auto-builds basic character meshes - adds all the skeleton/mutilation groups and all the collision edges and anchors. Bear in mind that to use the models in Blade they need to be compiled into .BOD format by using a set of max plugins to export them. These plugins were issued with the Blade Tools package by RAS. But they only work with max V2.5. You can use later versions of max to work on the models, but you must be able to open them in v2.5 in order to export them.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:13 am
by Thordrek
Hi Prospero! :D

Thank you for the information. :) :)
By the moment I just will work in a few new models to be more more familiar with them, I already have all the models that Sryml provided me, and I transform it to Maya. In Maya I can work with them without problem, I already checked it, but seems I can´t see the UVs of the models. I can do new UVs for the models, but I think is not a good solution, I think that the best will be to can have the original ones to can work from the original.
Do you know if the other 3D Modellers of the forum had this problem?

I will download the Max v.2.5. as you said me, to can add the Blade Tools package by RAS.

Thank you!

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:34 am
by Sryml
Can not see the UVs of the models? Sorry I'm not very familiar with 3D software. :roll:

If you need the original materials of models. In the directory <../Blade/3DChars> There are many .MMP file, some of the material files are compiled into .MMP file.
You can use SGIMMPWorkstation from to decompile them.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:06 am
by Thordrek
Hello Sryml!

The UVs are like a map where you paint the texture, seems the models don´t have it, but I made a new one.
I did a fast texturing of a Dwarf, is more or less a blacksmith dwarf. My intention in the future is to create other characters that can play as npc, to increase the RPG options in the game. I was thinking to create many different dwarves, barbarians, and other races that can live in the Severance Universe.

I let you here Image
Was so fast, so I didn´t put many detail in it, but it was so useful to know the topology of the characters and see that can be fast to texture them.

Ok, thank you by all your advices! I will try to extract these materials.
There is someone now working in a big Mod? I´m fast doing the modelling and the texturing, but if I´m honest, with the work I don´t have so much time to investigate all the things about the engine and how to implement the things in it. I want to collaborate with more people; if I have time I can start to read about the code, but by the moment I don´t have so much.
I saw in youtube a so amazing mods with some dwarves as npcs, I download it, but I didn´t had time to play yet.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:50 am
by Sryml
See your work is great!

Perhaps in the future will see a lively blade universe. :D

Cheers up!

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:54 am
by Thordrek
Thanks!! I´m happy that you like it! :)
I will try to find time to create more new pnc characters and new enemies :D :D

By the moment I´m trying to find the Max 2.5. but seems is not so easy to find, all the time appear the last versions. I will still searching :D

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:56 am
by Sryml
Hey! I uploaded a 3dmax2.5 to cloud storage, link: 3d_studio_max_v_25_english.rar ... SS%2FTools

The have 3dmax 2.5 plugins.

And you need to try to create a new animation in 3dmax 2.5, I don't think this is very easy, never. :(

Because animation need to use max2.5 to export .BMV file formats so that characters can use it in the game.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:18 am
by Thordrek
Thank you so much, Sryml! :D

I will download it soon as possible, but now at home I have the router broken and I´m downloading everything from the office. I hope to download it soon.

About the animation I´m not so worry, I animated characters before, but the most big problem is that I just did rigging in Maya, not in Max (rigging is the configuration of the character, making the bones and the controls that will let him move to can animate it), and I never did a rigging for videogame neither, so in this I will take a time.

Maybe I can export the animation of one similar character, for example, in this case another dwarf, and apply to the new one. But for new enemies or creatures with different shape it won´t work, so I will need to learn little by little.
Anyway I will still trying :)

Thank you by your help!

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:03 pm
by prospero
Some of the character animations are interchangeable. In short any 'human' type will use the anims of any other. The monsters have diffent nodes so will only use their own.

The procedure for making anims is easy enough. The hard part is getting natural movement. All the RAS ones were done with motion capture. I've done limited and basically static ones. Sitting on chairs and on the floor. Laying down. With small cyclic movements of the head and arms so they don't look frozen. Doing complex movements such as in combat is harder.

One thing to watch.....

The Dwarf model looks amazing, but how many polys? In BOD the less the better. I've tried out models that people have made in the past and if the poly count is too high they crash the game as soon as they come into view. Don't want you too spend weeks making a model and find it's unusable. :cry:

If you want me to test out any models I would be pleased to. Just mail be the mesh and the texture bitmaps. That's if I can remember how to do it. :oops:

** I've made a lot of models using extracted parts from NeverwinterNights game. They work well in BOD as they are very basic. Unlike BOD models all the body parts are seperate. So you can swap heads/arms/legs/etc. And there is a app where you can pick say, a head texture and customise it. Skin, hair colour etc. Add tatts.... Then capture the bitmap and apply it to the model. The textures look more high-res than RAS textures as the models are UV mapped symmetrically. The drawback is that if you get wounded on one side you get the same wound on the other. The only way round this is to split the mesh and apply seperate textures. Usually I just omit the mutilations group.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:34 am
by Thordrek
Hi Prospero,

Yeah, I guess about the limits of polys with the engine, so I get as base the number of polys of the original dwarf, that is 995 faces. My model have the same, In fact the base is the same than one of the Naglfar skins, so I guess won´t be any problem with it.

With the same model I did another texturing test, with a zombie dwarf; I did it so fast too, getting as base the model before, so don´t wait a so detailed model, until the weekend I won´t have long time to dedicate to it. Always when I play RPGs I wondering "why all the skeletons and zombies are just humans? must be some of the elfs and dwarves?"
I let you a render here:

I always will get as base the polys number of the original models, so about this won´t be any problem. I´m not worry about animation neither, won´t be so good as the original, because is Motion Capture, but can have a really good looking if we work good the animations. I´m downloading the old Max 2.5. that Sryml provided me to can check the original riggings and try to convert to the Blade format.

Sure! :D :D :D I can give you the 3D model without problem, but the question is, in which format? The texture of this dwarf is bigger than the originals, it is 2048x2048, really bigger, I don´t know if it will be a problem, but is so easy to reduce the size. When you say me the format of the model and the size of the texture, I will upload both to Mega to you can try it, but now is without any rigging, just the model stand there.

The thing you did using the NeverwinterNights models sounds amazing, I really want to try this Mod.
I had the idea to make horses to the characters can ride it, or even the enemies (an skeleton horse for the skeleton), but I want to find first if I can make the rigging for these characters more simple.

Also I saw three models that are in the game but I never saw it when I play: A dragon, a Salamander and a gargoyle. I guess they wanted to include it but they didn´t had time. Maybe we can use it into game too. :)

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:01 am
by Thordrek
Seems I have a problem, it don´t let me install the 3D Max 2.5. because it said is not fit for my Windows version, it said me "check if it´s for 32 bits or 64 bits". My windows is 64 bits, and I tried with the compatibility mode, changing it to "windows 95" and "windows 98", but seems it´s useless.
You can fix this problem when you install the old Max?

I hope I can fix it in someway. I will still trying.

Re: 3D Modeller - question

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:17 am
by Sryml
Hi Thordrek. Your work looks so amazing and so fast.

The zombie dwarf is great, and if the character can fighting on horseback, that sounds like Mount & Blade, haha... :P
But it really is very interesting! :D

However, to achieve horseback fighting perhaps need some new animation (horse animation is a must).
Or just use horses to hurry? It can indeed be done, for example, in the MOD Orc city by Prospero has cavalry Salamanders. And I can understand how it works.

You said three models, two of which seems to be just the exhibition items. They do not have animation, so they can not become the enemy.
And the dragon seemed to appear in the original map chaos, if I remember correctly.

But salamander has animations and a complete AI, although it does not appear in the original map, but in other MOD often can see it. It is the same with the little demon can Spitfire.

About install 3dmax 2.5.
Before I installed it in my win7-32 ​​bit systems, it works very well. But I also tried to install it in winxp system, it does not work. I do not know why.

So in winxp system I installed a virtual machine software, and install a win2000 system in virtual machine. Then install 3dmax 2.5, it can work in win2000 for virtual machines. :)

I hope this method can help you to use 3dmax 2.5. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: