counting time between events

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counting time between events

Postby cieply » Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:19 pm

just tried to measure time between events (in this case of killing skeleton king in Ephyra)

in I added these functions:

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def get_right_hand(entity_name): #char = Bladex.GetEntity("Player1") char = Bladex.GetEntity(entity_name) #inv = char.GetInventory() #obj = inv.GetSelectedObject() right_hand = char.InvRight if right_hand: return right_hand else: return "" def time_THEKING1(): print "time_THEKING1()" global time_theking time_theking = Bladex.GetTime() # start counter ("TheKing") def time_THEKING2(): import sys import time import Actions global time_theking print "time_THEKING2()" czas1 = Bladex.GetTime() - time_theking # stop counter TO_FILE = 1 # now = time.time() year, month, day, hh, mm, ss, wd, y, z = time.localtime(now) s1="%02d.%02d.%02d %02d:%02d:%02d" %(year, month, day, hh, mm, ss) # s_rh=None char = Bladex.GetEntity("Player1") print "char.Name=",char.Name # this works: 'char.Name=Player1' # s_rh = get_right_hand("Player1") # print ("s_rh=", s_rh) # doesn't work: 's_rh=' # if Actions.IsRightHandWeaponObject("Player1"): # print "IsRightHandWeaponObject(\"Player1\")" # doesn't work: '' # obj_name = char.InvRight # print "obj_name=\'%s\'" %(obj_name) # doesn't work: '' # obj = Bladex.GetEntity(obj_name) # inventory = char.GetInventory() # doesn't work! # obj = inventory.GetActiveWeapon() # obj_name = obj.Name # print "s_rh=\'%s\'" %(obj_name) # s_rh = obj_name+" ("+obj.Kind+")" # print "s_rh=\'%s\'" %(s_rh) if not s_rh: s_rh = " " else: s_rh = " / "+s_rh print "time_theking @ %s %.1f [s] %s" % (s1, czas1, s_rh) if TO_FILE: F1 = open("time_theking.txt", "at") F1.write("@ %s %.1f [s] %s\n" % (s1, czas1, s_rh)) F1.close()
and called them in proper moments:

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time_theking = 0 def EnGuardiaCanejo(Camera,frame): ## function after animation -> start here. print "EnGuardiaCanejo(Camera,frame): // %.1f" %(Bladex.GetTime()) Actions.StdToggleWeapons("Player1") time_THEKING1() ## start counter (...) def TheKingIsDeath(entity_name): ## king is dead. print "TheKingIsDeath(entity_name): // %.1f" %(Bladex.GetTime()) czas_THEKING2() ## stop counter (...)
and they don't work
they do count time but when it comes to check weapon in right hand they fail (as shown in comments)

in time_THEKING2() I tested 3 approaches to do this and all off them fail, moreover that - when I call time_THEKING1() and time_THEKING2() from console they work, when they're meant to be called from they fail and even stop further game progress (just like it was syntax error or something)
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