DOWNLOAD Texture Pack - MBK mmp 24bits HD

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Re: DOWNLOAD Texture Pack - MBK mmp 24bits HD

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Cheers ! Looking forward to playing this ,great too have all these patches in place beforehand.
Are there other texture packs recommended or is it best to just use this?

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Re: DOWNLOAD Texture Pack - MBK mmp 24bits HD

Post by MBK_MBK »

Greetings and thanks. :)

If you are going to use this HD texture pack, it is recommended to install it from the beginning, and then correct it in the order of publication with the patches. I am always looking for mistakes and trying new modifications; so, if I find something wrong with what I did before, I will correct it and post it later.

The previous texture pack, "MBK mmp 24bits", from 2012: it is obsolete. If you have an old computer, which slows down with large textures, it is recommended that old textures be used.

Other packs of textures, from other authors: Well, that depends on the tastes and if it works well on your computer. Use the one you like best and that works well for you. :wink: :)
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