Is it possible to modify existed maps ?

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Is it possible to modify existed maps ?

Post by ftb »

Hi all.

I'm new in LED so I need quick help.
I want to make a nostalgic travel for my friends at end of this year (yes, only one month left *sad).
I play "Fugitive" and found a points to make playability more logical and good.

So, is it possible to open "Fugitive" (or any another existed map) for LED editing.

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Re: Is it possible to modify existed maps ?

Post by MBK_MBK »

I'm also starting to use LED. :)

You can only modify the maps created with LED, if you have the file with .MP format. Those who have created the maps have those files.

To the question of modifying the Fugitive maps, Master Prospero could respond better than me. As you can see, these maps are so big, complex, (years of hard work), that modifying them with LED would be a "almost impossible" if you do not know how it was created step by step ... and that only the author knows.

I would only dare to modify the Phyton code, to adapt and correct improvements ... Sorry, I did not want to sound too sad, but to start with LED, I say humbly, better start working with smaller and simple maps, not start with impressive masterpieces ... That's for later of some years of study. :mrgreen:
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