Lords of The Fallen

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Lords of The Fallen

Post by matas55 »

Hey did any of you BODers tried this game out? I wonder if it's simiral to BOD in any way, but it's hard to tell without playing it. From the videos I've seen there doesn't seem to be directional swings like in BOD. But I wonder how the combat feels like. It seems to be simiral to Dark Souls (dodge/block, spam LMB, rinse and repeat). I hope there are atleast some combos. Anyway I need to upgrade my GPU to Dx11 before I can try it out and the game seems to be quite demanding or unoptimised on PC.

Just wanted to let you guys know about this game :D

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Re: Lords of The Fallen

Post by Haraldzz »

I've heard two things about it.

1. The game runs well only on NASA computers. For whatever reason, the framerate is horrible even on pretty monster rigs.

2. The game is a whole lot like Dark Souls/Demon Souls. How much DS is like BoD, that's up to you to decide.

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