Opengl configuration bug

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Opengl configuration bug

Post by Scudo »

I everyone =)

I use to play BoD a long time ago on an windows XP computer and now I tried everything for a Windows 8.1.
I tried many things, Install the official Patch, change compatibility and install the opengl raster.

When I select ropengl and click on "configure" I can change many things but the apply button stays gray so I click on "OK" and then when I try to click on "Launch the game" I window open explaining that I have to configure the video first but I already done that and nothings seems to alter the apply button color and stays unclickable.

Do someone know how to fix that?
Thanks a lot,

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Re: Opengl configuration bug

Post by cieply »

Check whether $BOD/Config/rOpenGL.ini was created and if yes (most likely) then if $BOD/Config/Blade.config had been updated. If that's the problem try to configure anything that works (will run) like D3D/DirectSound3D_software_emulation and then try to set up rOpenGL.

If none of above works you can use my batch (in attachment; unzip in BOD directory - the directory structure is preserved) that I use to quick start of different video modes. As you will have your own rOpenGL.ini file you want use `ZIP::BOD/blade-ogl-current-quick.bat' from archive.
Important note that `Blade.config' is binary file with following structure:
struct blade_cfg
int32 audio_mode_index; // from bottom of listbox, indexing from 0
int32 video_mode_index; // from top of listbox, indexing from 0
int32 unk_08; // always == 1?
and you may need to edit (with binary editor such as wxHexEditor) second value to correspond your configuration (index of rOpengl renderer in listbox, count from 0). My is 5 but yours may differ. Simply count from top which one is rOpengl option. Index is C-style and starts with 0.

# $ hexdump -C Blade.config
00000000 01 00 00 00 06 00 00 00 01 00 00 00
00000000 ^ audio ^ video ^ ??
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