Bug: Missing interface frames

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Bug: Missing interface frames

Post by Abaddon »

I've been playing for quite a while recently, but kept feeling like I was missing something. I thought it was just because I hadn't played the game for quite some time (about 15 years, heh) but after watching a couple of videos I noticed people have frames around their life/xp bars, attack and defence.

I really don't know why this happens, but I'd like to fix it. I'm using the GOG version, and you can see a screenshot with the stuff I'm missing here.

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Re: Bug: Missing interface frames

Post by cieply »

I don't think it's a bug. It looks like you have missing or corrupt the texture file: `$BLADE_DIR/Data/marcadorvidayxp.mmp'. I should be 65581 bytes long and md5sum=`aa4792e8d9d5a6f8276f0f85b623ac5c'. Check whether you have it first and then respond with your finding.
If you do have it and it's not corrupt then you can check what's going on by starting game with console (`-console' command line option) and check whether it says something about that.
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