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forbidden outlaw wrote: Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:15 pm outlaw wyvern?? can u give me ur email address?? i have found possibly the best glitch in the game =) hopefully u havent heard of it or figured it out yet.. i havent found any web page containning how to do it so im guessing that im the only 1 who knows it.. hopefully. but basically, u can pretty much go ANYWHERE you like.. back to shadowmire after its closed.. into the treasure chamber in the castle without opening it with the four switches.. ALOT of possiblities.. oh and i know how to skip the road bandits at the beginning of the game and come back to them to see them frozen like statues.. so if u can give me ur email address, i can give u about 2-5 glitches that u probably havent seen.. and i could use some help, getting the ice blade, and how to get up onto the upper balconies in jades tower.. ive read how to do it but im lost on were to jump.. i can get onto the invisible platform, but then im not sure were to jump. so just email me at

What were the fruits of these glitches? I would very much like to include them in my glitch tutorial videos for everyone to see and be able to exploit.
Explore and exploit, my two favorite things to do while playing an old-favorite game.

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