giant Chicken

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squall leonhart
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giant Chicken

Post by squall leonhart »

Following the walkthrough, after the monastary quest you should go to a cave and meet a giant chicken, can anyone tell me where this cave is (or is this chicken thing a total joke)?

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Post by Snotmaw »

it is in a small cave in surdana. Well go to snotmaw's lair's entence then turn around and the cave should be in front of you. and it has a golden egg that is worth a lot of gold.

The Black Dragon
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Post by The Black Dragon »

yeah,i found it by acident and i'll tell you something it's fast when you start attacking it. so have a fast wepon or hit it from a distance,because it killed me when i found it, but its worth the trouble killing to get the egg.

Lady Myschala
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Post by Lady Myschala »

yes actually it is kind of a joke but it's really there I found it easiest to defeat by simply standing back and shooting it with a powerful bow

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