flying stones in surdana

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Thanks for clarification on that. Say, ummm... in your DTAG story, why does Rynn kiss Arokh? At first I thought it was a joke (no offense), but upon further reading it became apparent that it wasn't. Is that aspect of the plot going to be developed any further? You've amassed an awesome site, and I'm pleased to finally be aware of it.

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The story had to be changed slightly because if I stuck to the strict events of the game it would seem too much like a game if you know what I mean. I have also skipped a few bits of the plot or briefley mentioned them so it does not become boring to read.

As for the relationship between Rynn and Arokh, that was added as you need some sort of friendship between them in a story. They seem to get on with each other in the game so I decided to take it a step further especially seem as Rynn has just lost everything. Arokh is the only one she has and she has bound to have feelings for him. Furthermore, I think I read somewhere that the rules of the Order forbids humans to get married if they are bonded. I will not take it much further though; at the moment Rynn loves Arokh and he has similar feelings for her but I'm not going to go as far as lets say 'physical love' between them as its not right a human and dragon to well... you get the idea. There was the dream on the boat but in that dream, Rynn was a dragon.

If anyone WANTS to see this happen in the story, I can certainly add it but it would definitley make it unsuitable for younger readers. I know the game has a mature rating but it was sold to young teenagers.

Thanks for your comments on the site though, I'm glad you liked it. It was built over a period of a couple of years or so.

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