The Chicken Sword

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The Chicken Sword

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Hi, I'm new here.
Something thats been nagging at me for a while, is all this stuff about the chicken sword and when you hear a squark or something.. blah blah blah...[V]
WELL I have tested the clucking theory, and all the others that are all over the web, and I'v found the only sure-fire way to get the chicken sword is to

!!Stand at the alchemy shop in surdana and keep talking to that guy, over and over for about 10 minutes, and eventually the chicken will appear!!

I don't think I'v heard this one said before, and all my friends have tried it with success... so have a go, it'l only take 10 minutes or so, its worth it, lol, then go kill the giant chicken with it!!! or something[:D][:D]

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