Made by the same company??

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Made by the same company??

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Interesting bit of trivia that i came across on this game Arrokh game that i love. When i bought my first Computer in 1998 I also bought a few computer games. One of those games were Might and Magic the mandate of heaven.. I still have never finished this massive game, and i put it away a few years ago. I picked it up again a week ago and installed it on my computer, and as i was starting over and playing it.. i started to hear very fimiliar noises coming from the monsters..and i saw some familiar monstrous spiders in the game..If you want to play an older game, but one that i think maybe made by the same company that made The ancient Gates (maybe they changed their name) that is just as much fun and as massive, then try to find it somewhere in the bargain bin somewhere.. if they still make it. (sorry no dragon riding in this one)

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Nah, The Ancient's Gates was made by Surreal software who also made Order of the Flame. The two Drakan games were their first. They also made a lord of the rings game which wasn't very good, so much so the publisher cancelled the others in the series they were going to make. They are currently making a game called 'The Suffering' a survival horror game due for release January.

As for another Drakan game, Surreal might just fall back on the Drakan series seem as the LOTR series was canned. You never know.
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I don't think Drakan will ever be revived with the attitude of SONY and Surreal. Will see though.

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