The earth blade

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The earth blade

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My son and I are playing again, and I remember reading that the earth blade could only be found in the swamps after you beat toadfist. I only can't remember what your supposed to do. Can anyone help?

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Hi! Yes, you meet a fellow in the Swamps called Nichols the Bold. Speak to him the first time you find him (standing next to a campfire). Then you rescue him later (after the Hermit's hut when you go beyond the doorway you blasted with the blasting pot)in a room with four big red columns. He's in a room down some stairs. Pull the lever to free him. Later, after beating Toadfist, you'll exit the cave and start crossing a bridge which will collapse and dump you into the water. Follow the sounds of attack and free Nichols from some Trog Mages. When freed, he'll thank you and give you a book. Just past the ramp to exit the water there's a platform. Take Rynn there and the rest should follow nicely!

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