Help - I've lost Arokh

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Help - I've lost Arokh

Post by Agrappa »

Hi - hope someone can help me.

The situation:

Ravenshold - dealt with the Grull camp, went towards what I think is the entrance to the Northern Tundra. This proved to be a cave half way up the mountain, that Arokh could walk into. Went inside, on Arokh and then thought I had forgotten something outside. Dismounted, went outside and fell off! Now I cannot get back to the cave and Arokh does not anser when I call.

Am I in as much trouble as it seems?

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There is a known problem where if you go into a cave and you are supposed to go through with Arokh, you loose him. It happens where you are and between Surdana and Kragmoor and I have 'lost' him around the Ravenshold trading post as well. It was fixed in the PAL (europe) versions of the game and only affects NTSC versions.

The problem you have encountered is kind of related; Arokh is stuck in an area where he can't fly and won't come (he won't walk to you) or he may be 'in the other level' if you know what I mean. If you are stuck, the only way is to reload from an earlier save game.

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A good reason to keep a backup save, despite the gargantuan size of the files. That happened to me in the Valley of the Fallen once, and I tried everything I knew, but had to restart.

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i've went through to the nrthern tundra without arokh before ,but then realized that i didnt have the dragon and went back and he was still there. but yeah that would suck.

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