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animal questions

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:40 am
by barguestspirit
Hello everybody! Got a couple of questions.

I know those little chickens can be killed, but what about those white, four-legged beasts with the long tusks at Ravenshold? When you hit them with a weapon, they bleed, and can also be set on fire. I always wondered if one could kill them and how many hits does it take to do it? Out of curiosity of course.....[:p]

And about that infernal chicken "sword", I've played this game several times and have yet to get it. When I'm in the alchemist's shop in Surdana though, I can hear chicken noises. Or at least they sound like chicken noises to me. However, when I open the menu with Qualuus, there isn't a chicken in it. Just potions and the blackwing eggs that I already sold him. Why he would be trying to sell the blackwing eggs back to me is beyond me.....
I thought hearing the chicken noises means you can get a chicken weapon, am I doing something wrong? Am I just hearing what I want to hear, having auditory hallucinations because I've always wanted the chicken sword?
Yes, I took my medicine today. I swear [;)]

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 5:58 pm
by Outlaw Wyvern
Hi barguestspirit! It's a pleasure to see you here. I've never been able to drop a Yak. Maybe a hundred whacks with Mournbringer or something, but ten minutes of Arokh's Sonic, Fire, Lightning and Dark did nothing just now. Blood spurts when you strike them with a melee weapon, but they don't seem to die.
Quaalus' shop has chickens in cages, along with scavengers and a miniature Grull. It's those chickens you hear. Quaalus' is still one of the easiest places to 'farm' a Chicken Sword.

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:39 am
by barguestspirit
hmmm, weird. Yeah, I used Arokh's breath on them a few times but all that seemed to do was set them ablaze for a couple seconds. I didn't want to waste a good weapon messing around. Maybe I will some other time though. It's funnier to shoot the chickens anyway, pump them full of arrows and watch them wander around with a bunch of arrows sticking out, hehe.

ahhhhh. *smacks forehead* DOH! LOL, I was standing there going "Hey!I hear chickens!" and I'd keep bringing up the menu but nothing was there, thought I was going insane. Some people seem to get chickens all the time while others play over and over and still don't get a chicken. Talk about random! Makes me wonder if there isn't something more to it, like playstyles, weapons used, enemies killed, when/where you leveled up, etc. I mean, I've played games that have randomly occuring events in them, but this is ridiculous. Maybe one day I'll finally get a chicken....

Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 2:28 am
by Sapphire
The Yaks can only be killed after you fight the Half-Men to get to the barrier, then take Arokh, fly back and you'll find four yaks. A breath of fire wil kill them.
I never got The Chicken before until I went to Brekk with 8 skill points. Maybe ithas something to do with that?

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 5:53 pm
by Outlaw Wyvern
Thanks for the update. I recently heard that about the Barrier cutscene, y'know... that you could kill the Yaks then.

The chicken thing is supposed to be random in the game. If there are factors affecting when or if you get it, I haven't heard them. So you got one then, eh? I'm glad, they're fun!

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:59 pm
I think thats my favorite part of the game(chikens and yaks), being able to set things on fire without getting i trouble for it!![:D][:D][}:)][:I]

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 6:01 pm
oops.*blush* that was supposed to be "in" where the second i is.*hee hee*[:I][:I]