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Hello ...I need help i'm at the point in the game where i need the amythyst and i can't figure out how to get in to the gate where there r buttons on the statue in front of a cave ..first how do i get into it and second will i find the amythyst there any help would be greatly appreciated ty ......

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The statue puzzle relates to the stones you've been seeing all around with the circle and dots. The puzzle is incomplete, however, and you'd need to know the answer to it, 'cause it'd be tough to figure on your own.


The code to push is in directions like North and South. Remember that the statue faces East.
Press rather quickly S-E-E-W-S-N-N-S. A door near you will open and you're in for a swim.

The Amethyst is in the next area called the Northern Tundra. Go thru the cave on the map which takes you to the Northern Tundra and remember to go thru with Arokh. Don't leave him behind. When you get to the other side, fly North for a way until you see a column of smoke rising thru the air. that's the scout camp. Stop and go in the cave. Talk to everyone. The guy drinking next to a barrel will tell you that a friend of his just got snatched away when they were exploring, and then it will be marked on your map... off to the East in some Ice Caves.
Best of luck, parc.

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Yeah...hate the place where you get the won't be easy. Ice Golems...everywhere...without Dragon...*shutters* I did not like that. Rememeber to use magic and to hide behind trees at ALL times. Also try to take on one at a time. With the right armor, you could probably manage to get hurt by their lasers, but they'll freeze you and possibly kill you if you get caught. Using spells such as fire and lightning can help. If you want, you can also wack them with weapons and get behind them, but they usually come in packs of 3 at once. (Remember what i said about one at a time?) Good Luck! [;)]

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