Reverse cheats

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Reverse cheats

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I was wondering if you guys knew how to reverse the invunerability cheat. if so, please let me know. Thanks![8D]

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I don't think this is possible but it may change back to normal after a level change.

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To undo the invulnerability cheat, repeat the cheat. When you put it to on, it'll say 'The God's Favor You.' and when you undo it, it should say, 'The God's no longer think you're Worthy' or something like that. I use this cheat when going into bosses like Mr. Fleshy and Inquissy so I'm used to it. [8D]

Also I'd like to add to all the other cheaters that this cheat is permanet after you save but you can always undo it with the cheat again (Shown Above) and then saving. The level skill cheat and just as permanet as when you manually get the skills. So is the spells, but you can revert them to different levels (1, 2, and 3). The cash isn't premanet if you are a major shopper. [:D]

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