Oh no...major major glitch...

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Oh no...major major glitch...

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Well...I guess I deserve it for being such a dirty cheater. But I hate it! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and got through it...
Well, I played this game over 4 times so I wanted a twist. I performed the prison bypass glitch and got Arokh, but I did a stupid, stupid thing. I fought Maulgak right after. Then I went to get the Ice Blade (Still very dumb of me) And...I got stuck. You know that wooden door that you pass through to get out of the prison system to get to the arena. Well, since I already fought Maulgak, the door will not open. Rynn is stuck inside, unable to get Arokh. I'm so stuck!! I tried everything! [:(][V][xx(][:(!][?]
Has anyone done the same? And is there a way behind it?

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You probably got rid of that save already, but if you haven't... maybe try the teleporter on the floor to pop you back to the cave where the Ice Blade is, which leads to the outside. Uhh.. that is- if the big iron grate hasn't dropped down over the door to the Ice Blade because of the Prison Bypass thing.

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