Drakan: TAG

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Drakan: TAG

Post by Peregryn »

Hi there, my question is: How do I play this Playstation 2 game on Playstation 3 four port edition?

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Re: Drakan: TAG

Post by shoprat »

Unless you have a PS3 that has 100% compatibility you probably can't. Some PS3 units had the extra video hardware to allow most PS2 games to work properly. Most new units use a software fix that will allow some games to play but they're pretty picky. The one I bought ran the game just fine until I got to a location where you have to pull a switch. When the switch was pulled the game would hang. Never could get past that point.

Chances are that it won't work. I used my grandson's PS2 to play the game and I still have it and let him use it from time to time. At least a used PS2 isn't very expensive. Check on Craigslist or GameStop to see if you can find a cheap one. The game is really worth playing even if you need to buy an extra game machine.

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Re: Drakan: TAG

Post by Arokhs Twin »

I second that. The original USA PS3 will play the game just fine as that console has the full PS2 chipset inside as well as the PS3. The Euro / rest of world versions had this chipset removed and emulated the PS2 hardware. This cut backwards compatibility roughly in half - I can confirm the euro PS3 with 4 usb ports will run TAG but it will crash in the menu and when pulling levers.

Buying a cheap PS2 is the best route however I can confirm the game works 100% (as I completed it) on the PC via PCSX2 - a PS2 emulator. You will need a fairly high spec PC though and have the original game disk in your DVD drive although it gives it a good thrashing; you might want to make an ISO image of it. My 6 year old quad core AMD Phenom 2 3.4Ghz with ATI HD4870 graphics card run it just fine.
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