Defeat Jassad

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Defeat Jassad

Post by Rebellion »

<font size="2">Please anybody tell me how to defeat Jassad with the giant Pain Golem?</font id="size2">

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Post by hubertdorm »

If you look closely, you may die[:p], or you may notice that the Pain Golem is protecting Jassad with his hands. The Pain Golem will use an eye laser to hit you if you're to far away, so target Jassad and fly in close. The Pain Golem then tries to hit you with one of his hands, leaving Jasaad virtually unprotected. Hit 'em with your best shot. (I suggest the darkness secondary, which creates a sort of vortex blob).

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Post by Snotmaw »

Another tip for defeating the final boss is that when you auto target the Golem if you press the auto target again you will target Jasaad.

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I suggest using fire after setting Jassad Duthane aflame several times he is defeated ending the game

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