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Nope they all died awhile ago. So much for that clan, hehe

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Your site is the most up-to-date site right now =P

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i think the music of Drakan is the thing that makes the game really scary and tense, cause when i once played the game without music (don't know why but there was no music when i was playing on WinXP) it was like i was playing not Drakan at all...

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There is a 'fix' to get the music working under WinXP.
Extract from help page:-

<i>Users of Windows XP who have a SoundBlaster card will probably suffer from the problem of no music but sound effects working OK. This can be sorted by running dxdiag from the command prompt or start>run then going to the music tab then clicking on disable default port acceleration. Credits to doom_2er for this one.</i>

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... or you can always copy the musics from the CD to the PC, burn another CD with them, and play the CD when you play Drakan...

... but that is a last-resort solution. It's a bit silly, TBH.

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