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Screenshot thread

Post by buckmana »

Seeing as we didn't already have one, I decided to start one.

Here's my contribution:
<font color="brown"> <font size="5"> "Now that's an easy way to defeat giants, drop a mountain on them" </font id="brown"> </font id="size5">

This was a result of me discovering if you hacked enough at a giant's left leg (the one on the opposite side from the weapon) while they were near a slope, they'd start rising into the air above you (and be easier to defeat, seeing as they couldn't hit you with their weapon anymore). With this one, I had to (briefly) stop because he was rising too high for me to hit him.

And when he died, this happened. His head is somewhere inside the rock and his legs are sticking out.

I have a savegame if anyone wants to see this for themselves. But look quickly, he fades away.

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Good screenshots like yours can be taken when the game's collision detection system messes up and when NPC's even Arokh get stuck on scenery objects. I have taken a few in the past but I have deleted mine and I can't take any more because for some reason, the resulting image is screwed up on my new video card.

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