oh, joy!

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oh, joy!

Post by nubby »

Installed win98 on my 2nd pc and put in an old mx 400 card. And
the demo worked. Haven't played it since like 8 years ago. Hmmm...
Now I'll try the full version.

That pointy bum on Rynn still bothers me!!! Ha[:0]

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Post by AXE »

Wo Hooo! I'm running a 386 with win 2000 and a Rage 32 card, hehe arnt they awesome machines. Its like they never die!

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Post by birdd0g33 »

Amen.Got me a P3 1 gigherz and a GF 2 card for retro gaming.Tired of trying to make old games work on xp and i aint even gonnia get started on vista. So ya baby :redneck rampage, carmaggedon 2,3. system shock and the list goes on.

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