Drakan Anniversary

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Post by Faerith »

Anything to keep this game alive.. I hope that we will remember his tourny for a long time :)

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Post by The_Dragon_Lord »

its good to see the king has returned as well. ideed the old ones are on the come back and its about time... its good to see you again king my old friend and i look fword to seeing you at the gathering


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Post by Bregolas »

Yeah, this is it! Let us all wish Eris & co luck with the organization of the whole thing, that's a great plan! Hope more oldies will join by the time it's ready:)

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Post by Eris »

Hehe, I'm not organizing the _whole_ thing :D just the championship - a little part of the event called 'Grant reunion'.
Well, the site is partially ready, you can already register and manage your profile, so, emm, go ahead and do that :D http://drakanbonded.com/
If you're going to show up on the event it would be nice if you registered, and if you're going to participate in the champ then don't forget to check the "I'll play at the champ" checkbox. Let's see how many ppl we can get on the members list...

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