Petition Online... hmm!

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Petition Online... hmm!

Post by ASSASSIN »

First of all, I wanna decleare that I am NOT against the idea. I have already signed in.

BUT! I'd like to ask anyone who has read this topic to reply and tell me: what percent chance you give that SONY will see the results of Petition Online and suddenly realize his mistake??

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Post by Arokhs Twin »

Personally I think its a waste of time but somebody asked me to mention it on the site's front page, he wants over 1000 votes.

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De Profundis
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Post by De Profundis »

I'd say the chances are NONE!!

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Post by JAM »

Usually I am one to say
"Never say never"
. . . but in this case I say it is very highly unlikely, even if there was 10,000 or even a 100,000 sigs. Drakan on PS2 to date seems to be a success as far as sales go.
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Post by Xanith »

I agree, i highly doubt that they will port it to PC

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