Drakan dedicated multiplayer server running

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Re: Drakan dedicated multiplayer server running

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Where my drakaners at, I need to procrastinate.

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Re: Drakan dedicated multiplayer server running

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Alternative server (running the standard 445 patch) http://www.arokhslair.net/wp/general/up ... rver-list/

Note that mine is not running 24.7 as it's running on my home PC - I no longer have a dedicated machine to run it on.
Times are typically 18:00 to 22:00 Mon-Fri & 12:00 - 22:00 Sat-Sun UK (GMT) times but it depends if I'm home or not or if I forget to launch the server. Also my server does not register with the master server so add the IP address manually.

It was running for a number of weeks and only ever saw one player on it so I don't think many play the game now. The other server operator said the same. Ill keep the server going though whilst my machine is on.

Years ago this website and a dedicated game server was running on an old windows NT 4.0 box I had at home. After the website was hacked I moved it to a hosting company and as players declined I got rid of the old server. It was a waste of electricity having another machine on when no-one using it.
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Re: Drakan dedicated multiplayer server running

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Haha, Shrum looking for preys :D I still have problems with my internet provider's firewall, so I always get kicked out after 30 secs. Will see if I can come online late in the evening at work sometime.
Cheers to the two server admins ^__^ Oh, and the website looks really nice now imho :)

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