Some beta and rare footages

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Some beta and rare footages

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As some people could have problems with Youtube videos, I recommend you this extension for firefox: ... d-youtube/
I don't know if this site works:

Back to topic.

Some info that you know: Drakan was the name of adventure RPG games I've ever play. This was the first title for PC to *require* 3D Hardware (i.e. a 3Dfx or RIVA128 graphics card) and wich accept higher resolution of screen - yes, you could play in this title with more than 1024x768. It's first game that rendered cutscenes by it's own engine. And of course - Dragon. It wasn't just a feature. Dragon was helpful to kill enemies, transport Rynn - main potagonist, and was a part of a plot. That game have excellent told history of it's own world. And of course - have sort of fans.

And the rare and beta footage here. Firstly, Drakan: Order of the Flame:

Now, Drakan: The Anciest' Gates - a sequel, exclusively for PS2:

If you have some rare/beta footage, you can post them. I made this topic because It's good to have everything in one place, also for others. However, good to have some sort of resources looking how to this game evolved.

Also, we can recently see, that one fan-made games will appear in future. It's Legends of Drakan - keep eye on that! :)

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