Drakan Display issues halp

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Drakan Display issues halp

Post by TheNerd173 »

So i felt a bit nostalgic and wanted to play drakan on my new pc, its running windows 10, it installed perfectly but when i launch it, the audio is there but the display isnt, theres just a blue screen

Can i fix this?

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Re: Drakan Display issues halp

Post by Arokhs Twin »

Hi there Drakan has issues with certain graphics cards. Can you post your system specs in particular the graphics card (or onboard if it does not have one) as it will be driver related or Drakan does not support the hardware. It is known not to work on certain Intel integrated video chipsets mostly found on laptops.
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Re: Drakan Display issues halp

Post by UCyborg »

Hold Shift when you're starting the game. What does it say under display mode? Try setting the same resolution as your desktop is running at. I've seen a case where the graphics hardware presented resolution which didn't actually work and resulted in black display. You can also try and see if it works in windowed mode so we can see what kind of problem we're dealing with it. Windowed mode is almost guaranteed to work.
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