Having difficulty with VirtualBox Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

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Having difficulty with VirtualBox Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

Post by ray_lederg »

I'm having a great deal of difficulty getting Drakan: Order of the Flame to work on my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013). The OS I got working best on my machine is VirtualBox Windows 10. Here's my current process:
1. Load Drakan CD using WinCDEmu (says its corrupted using usual Windows 10 Version)
2. Open AutoRun.exe
3. Click Install
4. Install Full Game to C:\Program Files (x86)\Psygnosis\Drakan
5. Open Drakan_AiO_Patch_Final2.87
6. Copy and overwrite contents of its Drakan directory to the install directory
7. Run Disable_Drakan_Compat_Shims.reg. Says added successfully.
8. Move Drakan.sdb and InstallSDB.bat to install directory
9. Says "An installed file with the same ID was found. Replace it? (Yes/No):" (likely left over from previous try) so I typed Yes. No error.
10. However, no "Drakan SDB" has appeared in any list of installed programs I know of. However, when I type that into the search bar, it says the command Drakan SDB exists
11. I run that command, it asks me for administrator privileges. I approve, and it gives me the error "Unable to load RERES.DLL"
12. Running Drakan.exe from the install directory gives me the same thing

My MacBook Pro switches between two graphics drivers: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, depending on what workload it detects the graphics driver is being requested of. It usually tries the Iris Pro, but forcing the GeForce does no change. Current system version is MacOS Sierra, Version 10.12.5. I have 16 GB of memory and a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

Is there anything I've missed? Is running this with Mac drivers in the host system messing it up? With some other combinations, I actually get the game to load, but it is very slow and glitchy graphics wise. Any ideas?

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Re: Having difficulty with VirtualBox Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

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Hi there :) I've never tried it on a mac so I won't be able to help however others may be able to.
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Re: Having difficulty with VirtualBox Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

Post by UCyborg »

VirtualBox's virtual machine only supports DirectX 8/9, Drakan uses DirectX 6.1. I don't have Mac neither so I can't give precise instructions, you could try setting up WINE on your machine then run Drakan through that, performance won't be optimal though. You'd probably need to decrease Max Fog Depth in graphics options significantly just to get decent frame rate, at least that was my experience with WINE on Linux.

The only way to get the best performance in Drakan is to run it under Windows host, so you'd have to dual boot, if that's a possibility, but yeah, it's inconvenient...

You need to install 445 Patch before applying AiO Patch. The "Drakan SDB" entry appears under Programs and Features, though from the other message you got, it seems it installed, so you don't have to do anything afterwards. The said entry is just another way to remove that database if needed. Also, if you decide to give WINE a shot, InstallSDB.bat and Disable_Drakan_Compat_Shims.reg aren't needed, there is Drakan_Wine_Settings.reg instead.
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