My final verdict on Aion and plaync

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My final verdict on Aion and plaync

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For some background information for those of you who are not familiar with the situation:

Tabula Rasa, the best (and one of the few sci-fi based ones) mmo was recently shutdown. For about 10 months prior to the end of the game, I was a loyal player. And I watched them basically run the game into the ground. After an exhaustive investigation, looking at petitions, plaync staff interactions and corporate organisation relating to this game, I came to one inescapable conclusion:

<b>plaync never cared about Tabula Rasa, never did anything to promote it or otherwise make it a success and eventually, they killed it off about a year after it had gone live</b>

I managed to locate a beta screenshot of Aion.

Before I saw this image, I had a small amount of respect remaining for Aion, because I thought they were at least trying to be original.

<b>That "small amount" is now gone!</b>

It's basically a Guild Wars clone. Imagine Guild Wars without Heroes and Henchies, you get the idea.

Surely, this has the least intelligent thing they could have done, make a copy of a game they already have?

And if you had to choose between free2play and fee2play, which one would you pick?

I get that it was a beta test game, but still, they'd have to throw out <i>everything</i> and completely remake it from scratch in order for it to be at least worth a small something.

Tabula Rasa was a true 3D game, from what I can tell, none of plaync's games use this format. I don't know how to describe the difference, it's like the difference between Tomb Raider and Sierra style games (both visually and in terms of gameplay engine).

In the final analysis, Aion is not a replacement for Tabula Rasa. They failed.

To be honest, I'm expecting them to kill Guild Wars to force us to play Aion. And I've heard that the creator of Guild Wars is already having issues with plaync....... I think he's going to be the next victim.

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