Greetings from Portugal.

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Greetings from Portugal.

Postby Dragonlord » Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:51 pm

Hello there, and greetings from Portugal.

I've been to register Arokh's Lair for some time now, but the time never seemed right, whether if it was because of work, bad schedules, or whatnot.
I realize I am registering at a very late time, if we take into account that the last Drakan game was released more than a decade ago. And seeing as an hypothetical "Drakan III" is nowhere to be seen, it all looks like preposterous now.

But!... even after all this time, I realized I should do it for 2 main reasons:

1. I really love the game. And if I say that Drakan: TAG was, back in 2002/03 the first game I ever played for PS2, that I actually managed to play to the end, and start playing all over again, you might get an idea of how much I loved it.

2. In 2012, I discovered the "Drakan Novel", and started to read it. And I was blown away by the effort and imagination that was dedicated to it, even if it was a collaboration of many people.
I loved it so much, I even forgot, after some time, that the Novel wasn't really finished. And then, some months ago I stepped here again, and realized there was a plead from Arokhs Twin as to whether He should, or not, finish the Novel.
I felt tempted to answer right away, but I was in a middle of some work changes and I thought I should let it for a more peaceful time...

...and the Time is now.

I felt I should introduce myself here first. And I may just keep updating this topic in specific matters if the situations call for it. I have no more time today, but tomorrow I will post on this topic here: ... f=2&t=3758 and put my thoughts on it.



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Re: Greetings from Portugal.

Postby Arokhs Twin » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:22 pm

Welcome, I have replied to you topic on the Drakan novel. Good to see some new faces around here.
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Re: Greetings from Portugal.

Postby Dragonlord » Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:46 pm

Welcome, I have replied to you topic on the Drakan novel. Good to see some new faces around here.
Thank you for your welcome.

I see the forum is very quiet nowadays, but that's to be expected...

Anyways, now I have some free time, and I wanna take some to tell my own story on how I made contact with the Drakan game(s).

It all started more or less in mid-2002, I think, or perhaps even before that. Before even the launch of the TAG game for PS2. I was reading the Portuguese version of the Playstation Magazine, and one of the articles mentioned a coming game that featured a Lara Croft-similar character in a medieval setting, with lots of hand-to-hand weapons and the ability to fly on the backs of a dragon...

I became immediately interested, and thought that it would be the best game in this world after Street Fighter II Turbo or Super Mario Kart. ^^ Then, the months have passed, it seems the game got delayed or something and I kept playing stuff like GT3 and Pirates: Legend of the Black Kat.

Then, after some 1,5 Month entirely dedicated to Dreamcast's "Grandia II" game, I went to a street fair we have on Saturday and Tuesday mornings in Lisbon, (Feira da Ladra - "Thief's Fair") and as I searched through the "ahem"... "second hand" stuff over there, I found the Drakan: TAG game.


It cost some 40€. (Yes, games here are dirty expensive. Our politicians behave like pimps) But I took it anyway. It was the revelation of the Century, the Third Coming of the Messiah, the Coming of the Antichrist and His Grandma and what have you!... I couldn't wait to pop it into my PS2 and start hacking! \w/

The game played very smooth, and the graphics were gorgeous by the time. The controls where very particular, as in, instead of playing like a normal third-person game, with the D-pad pointing for each direction the character would face, rather it played more like a First-person game, with the up and down positions of the D-pad going forth and back, while the left and right positions made Rynn turn left or right. The buttons were also different, in a sense that the "hit" button was not the bottom one, but the left one, which was actually better for thumb placement. All the other buttons where nicely placed, too, so at least we had a good start. It would feel as butter in my hands. ;)

Soon, I immersed myself in the game, and started paying attention to small details in it, as the change in visual in Rynn's avatar every time we changed Armor and Swords in Her. The effects some weapons had, the bright, the shinning, and specially the Art Direction of the game was amazing. The environments contributed a lot to make us feel "inside" the game.
Then, when we finally managed to get our hands on Arokh's backs (literally) it became a whole new world! Suddenly we had a grasp on the perspective of the landscape we couldn't have had before.

As the game progressed, I became more and more immersed and obsessed with it. I started making drawings of Rynn's Armours because I was amazed at the design they had. Those 2 scales armors, the red and the purple ones... that was "teh shyt" and made my whole life get meaning right there!

(I inspired myself on those designs to think of a whole series of tales of Science-Fantasy / Fantastic Science that would revolve around Scale Armors such as those in a Sci-Fi scenery including Bio-Engineered Dragons and all kind of over-the-top stuff in a too-far-away Future bordering on Entropy. A story so magnificent it would spam perhaps 20 books the size of each "Lord of The Rings" part. - Yeah, High Dreams, I know)

Then, when I happened to finish the game... I felt it wasn't enough... and I did something I think I never have done before; (except if you count the countless times I re-started SFII Turbo with each and every character in every difficulty setting) I started the game again!

Yeah, I did it all again! I wanted more, so in the years to follow I would play Drakan TAG every 2 years, with different points attributed to Melee, Range and Spells weapons.

Then, I started searching for sites about Drakan in the internet, read a lot of review sites, and even got the PC game in second-hand, too. Then, I found "Arokh's Lair" and also "Planet Drakan", and started reading in search of ways to re-play the game, to find secrets, hidden weapons, and puzzle solutions, etc... and then, I found the Novel. Yeah, there was a Drakan novel made by fans, like me.

I wanted in! ^^

I read the whole stuff, and realized there was still a whole part missing. The Stratos level. I thought I could give it a try, so here I am! ;)


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Re: Greetings from Portugal.

Postby shoprat » Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:56 pm

Now that you've played through both games, take a look at the download section for some player created levels. They're all a lot of fun and you can roast some more scum and fight some interesting new characters. In the level 'The Breaking of the World' for instance, Mick implemented a magic system so you can throw fireballs and other nasty bits like the PS2 game. Check 'em out and prepare to be amazed at their creations. ... p-reviews/

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