Drakan Con

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Drakan Con

Post by henniferbob »

Anyone ever think of doing something like this? I know with things like regular gaming cons and Dragon Con, there wouldn't be much point. But it'd be fun to bring a small intimate gathering of Drakan fans together to discuss the game, have a glass of wine or mead with a delicious banquet, watch dragon films, etc.

Maybe during a Renaissance fair or something where we can dress up as Drakan or Drakan-inspired characters? Just throwing it out there!

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Re: Drakan Con

Post by Arokhs Twin »

Hi welcome to the forum. I don't think there are enough of us to go with a large event but a get together would be nice to do if enough of us were interested; the biggest problem is we are split over several countries. There are a lot of Drakan fans in Russia and Eastern Europe - definitely as almost all of the modders and long term Drakan fans are from these areas of the world. Of course there's the USA and the UK too; going by most of the site visitors most of our fan base is in Europe.

I did visit the states a few years ago and planned to meet up with a couple of other US fans but it fell through. Both were in short travelling distance of NYC which I was staying in but even then that didn't work out. Depending on where we are located and where a chosen venue would be there's gonna be travelling costs.

We would best start with posting our country / region / city for those interested.

For the record I'm in the UK / Yorkshire / Bradford
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Re: Drakan Con

Post by yangez93 »


It sounds good idea. We can make event,costume contest, show weapons props, papercraft or our artworks. There are still Drakan fans :)

Arokhs Twin, you're right. The best idea is to chose the best city/region for example in the middle of our countries.

I'm from Poland / Katowice

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