How does the level editor work?

Anything to do with Drakan level editing and modifications, post it here! Also this is the place to tell us about your new levels and get player feedback.

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Drakan does seem to have issues with Nvidia cards & XP. Mine was also working on my old ATI card and failed to work after I upgraded to a 6600GT. Going by various forum posts, Drakan also seems to have problems with ATI cards as well but for the majority, ATI are the best cards to use with this game.

I think the problem is with Drakan, not XP or Nvidia cards but there again, XP didn't exist when the game was developed & future patches were canned since the Drakan franchise was taken over by Sony. The only things we have are player made patches such as above. This is probably why no-one makes levels anymore since the level editor / Drakan is so crash prone on XP.

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after you see grey 3d window with a brush you need to position the camera close to the objects you want to see... if camera is too far from anything the image is completely fogged out as in Drakan game engine i think... to position camera in 3d view window use camera tool from Editor and fly-controls like mouse+keyboard (arrow buttons)... use space keyboard button to switch between paint and fly modes in 3d view window...

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I tried that.

All it did was make the brush disappear.

I've also tried to "place" objects in the level.

I get the properties window, but nothing else.

However, I don't think any of this will matter unless the 3D Preview window works.

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Just a thought, but perhaps you have to set it so you can see the textures on the 3D view, though I don't remember the command for it.

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