Start as Rynn or Dragon in MP

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Start as Rynn or Dragon in MP

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Start as Rynn or Dragon in MP

OK.. i was asking if i could place dragon and Rynn launch pads in a level and a player will randomly be Rynn or the dragon.. well it does not work.. instead.. you start with the dragon and rynn.. but she isn't on the dragon and she cant look up until she gets on the dragon... hmm.. whats up? Does anyone know how to make a level where players can be Rynn or the dragon?

Not being able to look up?! That's something else entirely. I suppose its possible to mess up a level that bad but I dont feel like thinking about it since its probably not actually probably have freelook turned off...which is set back when you get on a drag.

As for the dragon and rynn thing. In Level Properties...set it to ground and air or whatever its called.

Link either rynn launches to drags...or the other way around...test it and see.

Basicly you want to give everyone a dragon..but...for half of them...move their dragons off the level into a section of landscape that traps them away from their rynn counterpart. The rynns will be able to use call dragon but they the drag will obviously never get there....make sure its far away enough so that you don't hear them bitching about taking damage etc.

For the rynn to an armor that is completely alphad out so all you see is the dragon...or maybe you don't care about that detail. To trap them on the dragon...that is if they start on dragonback after that linking biz...which I'm not sure of...more testing on your trap them on...well this is messy but you could....nah forget it that's too messy. You figure it out.

I have not tested this out, it was just an idea I got when reading this...

What if you got 2 teams, Dragons and humans... Team 1 would be forced on Rynn launch paths only, team 2 on Arokh paths only... maybe it works, maybe it won't... I have no desire and no time to try it out right now....

If my stuff worked then you could put the team stuff on top of it no problem. Just turn on friendly fire so at that point its not really teams...its just a character class selector.

Ok.. this is what my level was going to be like...

I was thinking of making a level with 2 teams.. all players on one team would have Rynn and the red dragon and the other the Rynn and the green dragon.. it works but like i said Rynn can not look up until she gets on the dragon... and if the dragon gets attack why rynn is off it rynn does not lose damage until she gets on the dragon... I tried linking launch pads and my level is set to Air/Ground.. I try making it Queen of the dragon with 2 dragons.. but it wont work...

I just wanted to see if it players could have Rynn and a dragon in multi player but i guess not.. Ill just make it ground only, team deathmatch...

i'm sure its possible....we've done stuff like this way back in the day. You just need a way to keep rynn on the dragon...another way to look at it is make the dragon unlandable.

The not being able to look up...look in your options....there is freelook with rynn always...turn it on. If on..turn off then on.

After that if it doesnt work send it to me.

Thanks... But i have decided to turn it onto a single player adventure... and its looking good so far..

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