Spinning NPC

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Spinning NPC

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Spinning NPC

I am starting a Single player level, I have some great ideas for a continuous multi level story, but first I need to get the basics down. I figured out how to set the world height, and then flight heights so that there would not be errors, then i messed with layering got that down mostly :P So I started placing monsters, to do this I assumed I had to load the NPC database *btw I'm working off the tutorials loaded stuff right now and adding what i need.* ANY WAYS to the point here, umm I placed the monsters and those that will shoot at me do, but other than that NONE of them MOVE at all they just spin in one place I don't get it?

- Look under "Layer" in the toolbar of the main level editor window. You'll see a command called "Mark Walkable Elements".

- Click on this command and the "Walkable Elements" window will appear.

- Keep the default setting of 25.0 for the angle threshold and make sure that the "selected layers only" checkbox is unchecked (you want it to calculate this for all layers). Click on OK and that's it!

- Save everything then test the level again. Your monsters should be moving all around now.

Boy that was easy hehe, Thanks I appreciate the help I was at a loss. It worked great in fact the giant I had placed to test with smashed me into pieces. Thanks again

mark walkables....under layer

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