Sounds and Music

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Sounds and Music

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Ok.. I want my weapon to have a humming sound when active.. but my sound wave does not loop.. how can i make it loop so the sound is always going when then weapon is active?
And.. how do i make sounds go off.. like birds and other misc. things?

Flame effects have a looping sound attached to them. If you want the weapon to hum, but you don't want the flames, just set the particles per second to 0.
You can use triggers to activate sounds that are set to be triggered. If you want it to play at full volume no matter where you are, set the sound area to Camera instead of Effect Site. Also, you can place sounds on the landscape that are looping or play intermittently. You can even use a looping sound plus the Camera setting to play a new music track during the game.

Thank you Zeoc it works now..

Sound Triggers, Mp3's

Duncan Macleod
I was wondering how one would go about putting an Mp3 into a level as looping background music. If I have to convert the file where can I find a good file converter?

There's one problem: Drakan doesn't support the MP3 format. In fact, the only sound format it supports is WAV, and it has to be an uncompressed PCM. You'll have to sacrifice a lot of sound quality for a good file size. One minute of music at CD quality is about 10 megs, but if you reduce that to 8000 Hz, 8 bit mono, it'll only be 500K. It may not sound as good as you want, though, so you may want to use a medium quality if it's less than a minute.
You can have the WAV file as a background music. Put the file into your database under Sounds, and then create a new Sound class object. Set the sound it plays to your music track, set the mode to looping, and set the tracking mode to Camera, and then place the object anywhere. The music will now play continuously in your level.

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