Smoke and MP Dragon Speed

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Smoke and MP Dragon Speed

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MP Dragon Speed doesn't work multiplayer;how do I add a column of rising Smoke...

I am only making simple levels and struggling with a lot of trial and error. For some reason the MP Dragon Speed doesn't work multiplayer. It shows up and works when I test the level, but when actually playing multiplayer the Dragon just passes through it and nothing happens?

I've also made a level with a Volcano and would like to have a column of smoke rising up out of the center but can't seem to figure out how to do it... If anyone can tell me how to solve these two little problems it would be greatly appreciated.

I use the basic walkthrough a lot, I was wondering if anyone would consider making some more walkthroughs outlining some of the basic techniques for adding some of the special effects.


works for me...for a quick test i just opened grotto of death and changed the invuln to speed under the fx type probably have it set up wrong...of course i backed up mp common since the test requires saving over it.

theres alot of ways to do smoke...easiest is probably using an object generator to toss out puffs of the smoke classtype every x secs...

the best tutorials for the time being is just to look what has been done...the editor will edit any of the retail levels.


Sageous the speed power up only works for the server try having someone test it client side...they may see the power up but they wont be able to use it.

Sirus is right, in testing it works fine. I discovered in my first level Fly by Night that it didn't work in a real multiplayer game, so I test my levels online now once I've gotten it far enough along to try and shake out the bugs I might not catch in regular testing. My first level has a few bugs I didn't catch until after I'd submitted it and don't want them to slip through in the next one.

D'oh! I think I figured out my problem... Apparently I some how screwed up one of the data bases, after reinstalling Drakan everything seems to work fine... And, though I didn't get exactly the column of smoke I wanted I was able to get a nice puff of smoke and fire down in the heart of the volcano

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