Rynn jump higher?

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Rynn jump higher?

Post by shoprat »

making Rynn jump higher?

how would a designer go about making one character be able to jump higher than any others in a "class-based" level (where you have multiple classes). i understand how to make a character move faster .. it's just jumping higher that confuses me (i want to leave the gravity at 6000.0)

Currently there isnt a way to change the rynn template for individual players....but a really dirty way to do this might be to attach an air current to rynn with a dummy stomp sequence and then trigger it locally when you select the class but I dunno if this would work in MP or how well it would work at all. If it worked then essentially an air current would stay with rynn constantly trying to lift her with a small force...the net result being that when she jumps she can get a bit higher.

I dont really know the steps for this as i've never done it but I might try it now that i'm a bit curious. I'll let you know the results if I do try.


i tried to try what you suggested, but my stupid arse couldn't figure it out . after i gave up on that .. i tried messing around with the "bounding spheres" on one particular rynn type, and that just crashed drakan .. i'm lost on this one. i don't think i'm going to make jumping such a big deal anymore though .. (i wanted to have a "scout/stealth" character - a light armored warrior who could jump "ninja style" (50 feet up into the air)) .. perhaps i'll just opt for the "scout/stealth" character without the super jumps.

thanks for your help sageous, and i'm sorry to dissapoint.

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