Playing as NPC

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Playing as NPC

Post by shoprat »

Human controlled monster?

Hi all, I need change model of human controlled player to Knight. Is it possible? Thanx

none of the npc characters except tuiri (sp?) have the needed animations or channels for the player character so you could try but i'm sure you will find it wont work like you want it to. I tried a quick test with the armor classtype to switch the model out and I had a knight that could jump but not walk/run/attack. So i guess the answer is no for the most part unless you know your way around max and softimage.

Thanks, I 've got same answer from Surreal. I have Max, so I try make animations and post them to mods. Adam P.S. Do anybody know, how to export characters to 3d studio? I find some export plugin from 3ds to riot, but I need export existing model first (better with skeleton). Adam

hmm, Sageous is from Surreal.

Is that 3ds to riot converter a plugin for Max or a separate program. Because I was looking on the internet and there is alot of 3ds files that are available for download.

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