Moving and Renaming a level

Anything to do with Drakan level editing and modifications, post it here! Also this is the place to tell us about your new levels and get player feedback.

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Moving and Renaming a level

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moving a level

the Patriot
My problem is that I need to put my level in a folder but when I made a folder to put it in, and then when I go back to the level editor and open the file and it says an error that the .lvl is in the wrong place... what should i do???

when you changed your level to your new folder,open it in the editor.It'll ask for a database path.Find it.Then,when he'll be done,click on save all.Check only your level an his databses,uncheck all databases that came with drakan (I.E.:system.db and resources.db).You should be able to play your level from its new place now!

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