Lightning Power Up a Mistake in MP?

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Lightning Power Up a Mistake in MP?

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Lightning Power Up a Mistake in MP?

I'm working on an Air Level where everyone starts with the Magma Power Up and was wondering if adding a 2 Lightning Power Ups on opposite ends of the Level would be a mistake?

it wasn't fully tested which is why it wasn't in the mp part of the idea how well it does/doesn't work.

Well, if the thunder hammer works in MP, then the dragon lightning should too. It's the same kind of attack.

I've tested it and it seems to work fine though I haven't tested it with someone else in there with me. I was mostly concerned about it doing too much damage too easily... thou I don't think it will be too much of a problem since everyone will start with the Magma Power Up. I'm almost finished with the level now, just need to take a little more time to paint the surfaces up than I did with the last one.

Zeoc lightning in MP has shall we say...bugs. if you change one thing on that breath drakan goes into insta-crash mode when you try to use it. There is a way around this(that's how i got the lightning to work in my level...btw thanks mindfire) i personally think its something wrong with the way the models act when fired.

and what the heck is the "branch probability" option? i cant get it to work and it sounds interesting

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