Lifts and JumpPads

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Lifts and JumpPads

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Anybody got a lift? :)

Does anyone out there know if you can create lifts for Drakan MP? I've tried using mechanisms but the darn things just will not activate.

Ok just had an idea...can you use a way point system to create the illusion of a lift?

Air current lifts would work. If you wanted moving geometry then you could use a looping stomp scene but it wouldn't sync right..but you might not need it to i suppose. There really isn't a perfect solution to this but there are the above suggestions and probably a few more.

Ok ill try all that....Thanks again Sageous

I've created something that works like a lift. Well it goes up and down anyway.

I created a new class with type "Pressure Plate" Ground Object - Pressure Plate

Give the new class a name and a model where Rynn can stand on top. Place the object on your map and experiment with its "Sink Distance", "Sink Speed", and "Sink Rise" properties. You'll have to toy with those properties and the altitude of your new lift. I think the default for pressure plate is start from top and then sink or go down. If you jump and land on the plate while the plate is at it's bottom most point, then the plate goes up again. I've gotten the thing to go from down to up first. Had problems getting it to start from the bottom and go up though.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Jump pads

Hey how do these work?

Its just the air current class. Point it where you want to go and set the parameters up how you like (how fast it pushes you). To help determine which way its facing turn on direction marks under view options...or even easier just temporarily give it something like a sword for a model (pointer)

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