Layer divisions

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Layer divisions

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Aligning layer divisions

BTW Sageous, how do I modify the directions of my texture squares on a map. I'm trying to fit some water into a hole I made but when I hit "show divisions", the division lines of my water layer don't match the division lines of my ground layer. How do make them match?

Texture Tool, you can change the functions of mouse clicks in the tool options. One of the shift click functions is "flip division".

Easiest way of division-manipulating

What is the easiest way to manipulate the layer division, so that you get the triangle direction you want ?
For landscape design the division ( direction of triangles ) is important. It is responsible for smooth edge-transitions of different layers. Up to now I manipulated the division be using the sculpture tool, what is quite difficult, because if you want to change the direction of one triangle you get changed many, so you have to try long until you get what you want. Is there an easier way to manipulate the direction of triangles ?What are the best settings for the sculpture tool to do single triangle manipulation ?

I just go to the sculpt and rise it like 2 and it changes the directions..after awile you will get the hang of it..

There's a function for it. Texture tool...tool options...shift can use the drop down to select what your shift click does on texture'll find that one is flip division.

Perfect ! That was exactly what I was looking for !
If I had known that yesterday, I would have done the work of an hour in a few minutes.
Thanks !

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