Invisible Walkways

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Invisible Walkways

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Creating Invisible Walkways.

Can anyone tell me how you can create a useable, invisible walkway? I have tried playing around with the layer visibility, & not making the layer visible but so far nothing has worked. Any help would be appreceiated. Thanks.

Layer Visibility is something else. What you want is something that is actually there but not visible to the player. Pulling it out of the vis set would mean the engine cant see it.

Click on the black space in the texture window to select nothing or "null" as we call it. Paint with that and hold control while you do it...instead of painting NULL you will paint "Hidden" which appears black in the editor top down view. In the game it will work as a normal textured area but not appear to the player.

FYI you could also use a building classtype object that uses a model whose textures are full alpha.

Thanks Sageous I'll try that

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