Effects and Triggers

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Effects and Triggers

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Effects Triggers

In the level I'm trying to create Rynn has to cross a bridge over a lava lake. I have placed exploding lava balls at various places and arranged them so that they fire across the bridge. At the moment I can only get them to work constantly but I would like them to be triggered. I have placed a trigger gen on the bridge & set the lava ball gen to be triggered & set up links but cannot get them to work. Can anyone help?

Also, can you texture boils & boil spews to look like lava bubbles?

well this can be done in many ways so i don't time to go over it all. sounds like you might be using the classtype "object generator" to produce the explosions or whatever it is. That class has two parameters of interest in this case...named "run mode" and "on trigger" You can play with those. For starters I think the run mode defaults to run always which is obviously not what you want...

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