Dragon Problem in MP

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Dragon Problem in MP

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Dragon Problem in MP

Thank you for your help all, but! ... i have a problem,i've made a lvl with both rynn and arokh in,but Rynn is not able to mount Arokh,cause she can run trough him,and if she calls him,he disappears and never come back http://www.surreal-news.com/ubb/frown.gif i have added both rynn and arokh launchpads.hmmm the controls are a little weird too,pitch up/down doesn't work and the camera follows Rynn when she jumps so it looks weird

here is what i've been able to discern (concerning your dragon problem)

1. your LEVEL PROPERTIES must be set to AIR + GROUND 2. you must have a DRAGON LAUNCH PAD somewhere in your level. 3. you must have that DRAGON LAUNCH PAD associated with a DRAGON CONTROL object (both of these can be found in your SYSTEM common database).

as long as you've done these things, you should be able to do everything you want (mount, call, fly, etc.).

however, there is a small problem with the camera (if you launch as rynn solo), and that i haven't figured out. it is easily resolved though, just mount arokh, and then dismount. i hope this helps some

Awwww,thanx MiNd,there's only one prob i think,i can't find the Dragon control object thingie.

had the same problem it is due to the flight ceiling level being set below the ground level (by default it is that way) In level properties change that to > 200000 or whatever your origin is

Lord Stone
I have encountered weird cameras following you when I had accidently put more then one Rynn model in the level. Maybe this might be your

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