Creating Links and Maps

Anything to do with Drakan level editing and modifications, post it here! Also this is the place to tell us about your new levels and get player feedback.

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Creating Links and Maps

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Links - Help !

Can anybody explain how to create (add) links for example between detector and explode generator ? There are a number of strings 'delete links' in the Level Editor but I can not find 'create link' :-((( Help me please...
With best regards Andrew.

select something shift click on something else
btw read the basic tutorial...

must admit... had me confused too.

Making Level Maps

Thee Defender
I just need to know one thing...How do I make level maps?

You can't...well it's possible to turn the main menu into a map that doesn't update with the with the gui class template...make your own...see if you can figure it out.

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